What exactly is MIPS?

The MIPS Brain Protection System is a helmet-integrated, low-friction layer designed to reduce rotational motion transferred to the brain from angled impacts to the head. This layer creates a way for the rotational force to be absorbed and redirected rather than transmitted to the brain during an impact. It’s held in place with flexible bands that clip the MIPS liner to the helmet’s foam in multiple anchor points. The system sounds simple, but in reality, this technology was developed and tested over countless hours in a lab.
How does MIPS work?

MIPS works by installing a thin (0.5–0.7 mm), ventilated, custom cut low-friction layer inside the helmet liner. The layer is held in place by an assemblage of composite anchors that flex in all directions. These anchors hold the layer in place, around the head, but provide a small movement in response to angled impact. MIPS’ small movement (10-15 mm) relative to the helmet at the brief moment of an angled impact (3–10 milliseconds) allows the head to continue in the direction in which it was originally travelling. This means that some portion of the rotational forces and energies acting on the head at impact are redirected and spread out thanks to the large low-friction layer, rather than being transferred to the brain. Thanks to it’s thinness, lightness, and integration into the helmet’s existing ventilation, it’s rarely noticed by the wearer, even over extended periods of use.

Can I use deodorizer on my helmet?

Yes, you can use any products that do not contain alcohol on your helmet.

Are the Trauma Void helmets certified?

Yes, they are ASTM/SEI certified.

Do I need to register my helmet?

Yes, within 30 days you should register your helmet at….. to ensure that you can take advantage of our Crash Replacement Policy. All helmets not registered will not be eligible for a replacement.

If I fall, can I continue to ride with my helmet if it isn’t cracked?

No, if your helmet is involved in an accident it may no longer be effective. If it is within the first two years of ownership, please contact our Customer Service department to discuss options for a replacement.

How is a helmet with MIPS technology different from other helmets?

The Trauma Void EQ3 helmet is the first English riding helmet to contain Multi-Directional Impact Protection System technology which has been tested over countless hours and is proven to offer better protection against rotational motion than a helmet without MIPS. Since 1996, research and tests have been performed to compare a helmet with the MIPS Brain Protection System to a conventional helmet. The results showed that it was possible to redirect and reduce the rotational motion transmitted to the brain by adding the MIPS Brain Protection System.

How do I care for my helmet and the Coolmax inner liner?

Your helmet should be kept in a temperature-controlled environment when not being used. Extreme temperatures as well as fluctuating temperatures can be detrimental to the integrity of the shock-absorbing materials within the helmet.

The inner Coolmax lining of your helmet can be removed and hand washed if needed. The smooth shell helmet may be wiped down with a wet cloth and the microfiber shell helmet can be spot cleaned with warm water and a damp cloth.

You should never clean your helmet with any alcohol-based liquid, as this will damage the helmets.