What's My Head Shape?

Is your head round, oval, short, long, or somewhere in between? Just when you think that you have your helmet size figured out, another element of confusion is added to the mix: head shape.

Trauma Void offers a selection of helmets for a variety of head shapes, we wrote a blog to help break it down.

Our EQ3 riding helmet with MIPS has two different liners, both are included with each purchase of an EQ3. Our original liner, which comes inserted in each helmet is designed for round heads. Our oval liner is designed with additional padding on the sides to help accommodate a more oval head shape, and is conveniently included in a separate package inside the helmet box.

But, what does it mean to have a round or oval head and how do you tell? Is it the shape of your face, the shape of your crown, HELP!

We get it, which is why we wrote this blog to help. Okay, Queens and Kings, let’s adjust our crowns and figure out just what shape we really are.

The shape of your crown is what determines the style and fit of your helmet. So, if you were looking at your head from a birds’ eye view, would the shape of your head be more circular or more oval? This is why it’s so important to have a friend help measure your head.

Once you’ve determined the shape of your head, we can better determine what helmet is best for you!

Our EQ3 riding helmet with the oval liner is best for those with a more narrow-shaped crown. These riders will want to remove the liner that’s attached to their new helmet’s hangtags and change it out for the liner that comes inside their helmet.

If you’re more round than oval then you can be a little more choosy (sorry oval-headed, friends)! Our EQ3 comes with a round liner inside the helmet with those that would wear a more circular crown. The Lynx riding helmet has an adjustable retention system so while it has some adjustability within the size, it’s still shaped more round than oval.

If you’re still not sure where your head shape falls, try the EQ3 or Lynx! The adjustability of the Lynx may be just the trick or getting a helmet with two liners included, the odds are pretty great of one or the other fitting!

If you need help, just ask – we’re here to help!