The Showdown: EQ3 vs Lynx

The showdown: Lynx™ vs EQ3™

What’s the difference? Trauma Void™ now offers two different models of helmets.  With the release of the Lynx, our customers can now choose between more than just their color and finish. Read along as we break down the differences between the two helmet models with MIPS and highlight some features which may help you to determine which Trauma Void helmet is best suited for you.


What is MIPS?

What is MIPS? Where did it come from? How does it work?  


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What does it really mean to be rated as the safest riding helmet of 2018?

In 2018, Swedish insurance company, Folksam conducted an independent study where they tested 15 different models of horseback riding helmets on the market.  Helena Stigson PhD and Associate Professor at the Folksam research team said that the aim of the study is “…to help consumers in their choice and to influence manufacturers to design safer helmets.”  Folksam wanted to conduct a study which tested the motion a riding helmet encounters upon impact. 

You may have read about it earlier in the year, but are still wondering...what does all of this mean?  



Trauma Void Announces Release of Lynx

Best in test, now in US?  Read more about our newest helmet here!