2019 International Helmet Awareness Day

International Helmet Awareness Day is coming and this year, we're celebrating big by giving away 31 helmets.  

The Lynx Makes It's Way In The World's Toughest & Longest Horse Race

Have you ever dreamt of riding across the Mongolian steppe; no map, just yourself, a semi-wild horse and 11 lbs. of gear? For one modern horsewomen, it wasn’t something she had even considered until it was at her fingertips. It was while she was scrolling through her Instagram feed that her interest for the Mongol Horse Derby was sparked and her dream to ride 600+ miles across Genghis Khan’s ancient messenger route was born. 

A few days ago, she landed in Mongolia for training. Her race begins today, but, to her, she says the hard part is already over. We sat down to chat with Mongol Horse Derby rider, Rachel Roman and hear about how she’s been preparing, how she motivates herself, and of course, her thoughts on our Lynx helmet.

Trauma Void at Kentucky 3-Day Event

There’s something about the Kentucky Horse Park that feels like opportunity and Springtime, am I right? I’ve been there in the summer months, April for the KYLR3DE and in the winter with a fresh coat of snow. Regardless of the temps, in my mind it’s always in the 60’s or 70’s and full of Spring blooms in Lexington. (A girl can dream, can’t she?)

As a young company, this year will be Trauma Void’s second year in attendance at the Kentucky Land Rover 3-Day Event, and we’re excited to the energy that comes with the crowd of the horse park.  They call it the best weekend all year, and it is a ton of fun! In 2018, we were showcasing the EQ3 to so many spectators for the first time and it was so exciting to measure all of their noggins and share with all of the reasons I love Trauma Void helmets. This year, we’ll be showing off another recent release that I’m still very excited about, so be sure to swing by the Back on Track USA booth for a member of our team to measure you.

The Ohio Equine Affaire

There’s something about coming back to a familiar show grounds whether you’re there to show or to shop that hits the soul with an unmeasurable nostalgia.  Personally, I think if you melted down the scents of arena footing, shavings, hair spray, and a hint of sticky bun into a candle, it could easily be labeled Horse Show Time. Each flicker of its wick would be accompanied with memories of horse show mishaps and fun times with my horse show family.  It comes to no surprise that when our brigade of box trucks pulled into the Ohio State Fairgrounds, memories of unloading my horse in the pouring rain, the kindness of a stranger giving my mom and I some White Chicken Chili, and a zoo of exotic animals released in the greater Columbus area in 2011, come rushing into my memories. 

An Equestrian's Guide To Spring

Spring fever is has spread far and fast through our office as our team chatted about the urgency that hits our soul when the work day is over, the weather is nice, and we’re headed to the barn. To our friends down South, you’ll have to trust us Northerners, that the first day you and your horse can spend time without a few layers on, it’s both a glorious and very muddy situation. 

Suddenly, the nights feel like day, and the last drop of sunshine hits our faces while the sun begins to set, and we try to judge whether the outdoor is best suited to ride around in a boat or by horseback. If you’ve ever lived in an area where you experience Spring, then you can relate to the pure joy that fills the air as fair-weather-riders and the mystery boarders of commercial riding facilities start to show their faces for a brief visit with their very-hairy friends. 

Springtime is known as the season where things begin to bloom, the “rebirth of the Earth” if you will, but to equestrians, it’s the season where our horses seem more like kites and the Farrier’s number is now listed in our Favorites. 

Read on for a relatable blog about Spring at the barn.

A Day in the Life of an Eventer & Neuro ICU Nurse

"My career and my experience in the medical field and neuro world, combined with my passion of horse-back riding, is what turned me into a self-proclaimed helmet enthusiast. I see a huge amount of trauma at both jobs, especially those related to motor vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, and horse-back riding. Of course, not all accidents are preventable, but the risk of what we do as equestrians can be significantly decreased by proper safety equipment, specifically helmets. I CANNOT fathom how people choose not to wear helmets during their extra curriculars, but then again, I've witnessed the dark side of that choice as I care for my patients. I think what we often don't realize is how truly vulnerable the human body is, especially the human brain. Due to the nature of my job, I've unfortunately seen just how vulnerable the brain is, and why I choose to protect mine with Trauma Void helmets."

Read about how Trauma Void Ambassador, Jordan Fellers cares for noggins in and out of the saddle.

How to Measure for a Helmet

Have you ever tried to buy a shirt online and had no idea what size to buy? You’re normally one size, but there was that one review that said they run small and oh, the shirts are only available in unisex, so now you’re really unsure of which one to get and you need it by this weekend and you love everything else about it, but, it will be no use if it doesn’t fit.  Come on, friends, tell me that I’m not alone in this?

In my palm-sweating T-shirt scenario, I’m super glad that this shirt’s job is to clothe me and doesn’t play a huge role in protecting my precious thoughts and memories. At Trauma Void, we’re firm believers that the safest fit, is the best fit.

We’re working diligently to bring Trauma Void helmets to a tack store near you, but we also understand that isn’t always a possibility. In the days where online shopping is a norm, we wanted to be sure that our riders feel equipped with knowledge in their purchase, and so, we wrote a blog.

The Showdown: EQ3 vs Lynx

The showdown: Lynx™ vs EQ3™

What’s the difference? Trauma Void™ now offers two different models of helmets.  With the release of the Lynx, our customers can now choose between more than just their color and finish. Read along as we break down the differences between the two helmet models with MIPS and highlight some features which may help you to determine which Trauma Void helmet is best suited for you.


What is MIPS?

What is MIPS? Where did it come from? How does it work?  


Learn more about it here.

What does it really mean to be rated as the safest riding helmet of 2018?

In 2018, Swedish insurance company, Folksam conducted an independent study where they tested 15 different models of horseback riding helmets on the market.  Helena Stigson PhD and Associate Professor at the Folksam research team said that the aim of the study is “…to help consumers in their choice and to influence manufacturers to design safer helmets.”  Folksam wanted to conduct a study which tested the motion a riding helmet encounters upon impact. 

You may have read about it earlier in the year, but are still wondering...what does all of this mean?  



Trauma Void Announces Release of Lynx

Best in test, now in US?  Read more about our newest helmet here!