20% Off

When our company was founded in 2018, we had a goal to make our riding helmets with MIPS affordable. Today, we're still striving towards that. Over the past few week’s we have been brainstorming ideas to support our small businesses and help our equestrian community during a tough season. Starting April 6th – May 3rd, order a Trauma Void helmet from your favorite Trauma Void retailer and receive 20% off.

We believe that over the next few months supporting local businesses will be imperative. It is our hope that by running this sale we can help our riders become outfitted for the spring and summer seasons while providing the resources for our retailers to sell our products at a discounted rate. Prices are starting as low as $135.20!

Many of our retailers are offering curbside pick up or delivery options. Be sure to call ahead as there may be a change in hours or shopping conditions.

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