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Humans on Stall Rest: Becoming A Better Equestrian During Quarantine

At Trauma Void we’re doing our best to protect our community. This isn’t unusual for us as a helmet company, but these days it looks different than what we had envisioned. For those of us (like me) who are usually on the go it can be quite a challenge to do our part in staying home. We’ve heard from many horse and barn owners alike that their state mandates are encouraging, or requiring, them to close barns to the public which means no riding for many of us. We’re looking forward to the days where we can be joining our barn family in the arena or on the trails, but until then, we’ve created a list of things to help us stay in shape and ready to ride.

Avoid the Quarantine-15:

While our horses are enjoying their vacation at pasture it’s important for us not to get lost in the couch. Staying active and in shape is not only kind for you horse, it’s also helpful for our mental health. I’ve been staying sane by spending time biking, running and walking outside when the weather allows. On days I don’t run, you can find me on my yoga mat. As an equestrian, I have always loved practices that target poses and stretches that are specific to my sport, like this episode of Yoga For Equestrians. Every rider is different and has different preferences. It’s important to find something that works for you and make it a routine.

Get Organized:

Is your horse trailer at home? Now is the perfect time to evaluate the number of saddle pads or polo wraps are truly needed in your life. For me, I spent some time cleaning out my tack stash and realized I still had enough polo wraps and saddle pads to outfit a barnl. It felt good to make space in my basement while donating the wraps to help younger riders.

Safety Check:

Inspecting Tack & Riding Equipment: I could write an entire blog on the importance of checking over your tack and riding equipment (and probably will at some point). This is the perfect time to dive-in to deep cleaning and checking over your tack and equipment – including your helmet. We recommend replacing your riding helmet after 3-5 years of us (or immediately after a fall). Caring for your helmet is crucial in protecting its functionality. Remember that your helmet liner can be removed and washed in a garment bag (hang to dry) and never to use an alcohol-based cleaner or deodorizer on your helmet.

Support your local tack store:

Whether it’s time to replace your helmet or you’ve had a shopping list of things you need for the summer, now is the perfect time to support your local tack store. Supporting our hardworking small businesses is more important now than ever. If you’re able to many are offering curbside pick-up or delivery services to keep their customers well. Not sure what you need? Consider a gift card! Check out our list of retailers for a tack store near you

Set goals:

Maybe the goals you set in 2020 need some adjusting due to scheduling changes. This is the perfect time to set goals and research ideas for new exercises to try once your back in the ring. Things you’re looking forward to once you get back to the barn. Goals are an important part of staying motivated and remaining positive.

Be kind:

Lastly, we’re encouraging small acts of kindness. Mail a thank you card to your trainer, barn owner, feedstore, veterinarian, family member, or friend. Reach out to the pal you haven’t seen in ages, bake horse treats for when you’re reunited with your barn crew. Spread joy.

How are you spending time in quarantine?