Is MIPS Worth It? | Trauma Void

Is MIPS worth it?

What makes a MIPS helmet so special, anyways?

For many years horseback riding helmets and their technology stood at a standstill, even though new colors, shapes, styles, and sizes were introduced to the market year after year. There was nothing driving the industry forward. As a result, Trauma Void was born. Determined to promote the highest standard of safety for equestrians we sold our first helmet in early 2018 pioneering the start of the MIPS movement in the United States.

Trauma Void prides itself as a company with a mission to propel the industry forward by changing the way equestrians look at safety. We love that MIPS is already implemented in so many other types of helmets such as cycling, skiing, and motocross. With our company’s culture and mission, it’s no surprise that we chose to work with a company like MIPS to develop an ASTM/SEI certified riding helmet.

Our team is strategically crafted of equestrians, and they are trained to put you, the rider in mind when sending a helmet out – whether it’s for a lesson program or a replacement helmet needed for a show (like yesterday).  Since our humble beginning, we’ve been dedicated to our riders, and that’s why we have flexible customer service policies, an awesome replacement program, and strive to promote our helmets in tack stores in all 50-states.

The Multi-Directional Impact Protection System developed by a Swedish company named MIPS sets our helmets apart. Equipped with ample ventilation, Coolmax® liners designed to keep your head cool, and a variety of styles to choose from our helmets check all the boxes- and then some.

We heard stories of how MIPS changed people’s lives and knew we needed to do something about it. Lives of United States equestrians were waiting.

While it would be all our hopes that we could keep our horses on all-fours and us upon their backs with planned dismounts only, we know we live in a world far from that. In the scenario where a rider hits their head, the fall often creates a rotational motion in your brain which can cause brain injuries (TBI’s). MIPS low friction layer allows the head to move 10-15 mm in all directions inside the helmet which reduces the rotational motion to the brain.  To us, MIPS riding helmets are totally worth it. Will you join the helmet evolution?