The Ohio Equine Affaire

As the fresh energy of Spring fills the air, we’re feeling refreshed and excited to be in Columbus, Ohio for the Equine Affaire!

There’s something about coming back to a familiar show grounds whether you’re there to show or shop that hits the soul with an unmeasurable nostalgia.  Personally, I think if you melted down the scents of arena footing, shavings, hair spray, and a hint of sticky bun into a candle, it could easily be labeled Horse Show Time. Each flicker of its wick would be accompanied with memories of horse show mishaps and fun times with my horse show family.  It comes to no surprise that when our brigade of box trucks pulled into the Ohio State Fairgrounds, memories of unloading my horse in the pouring rain, the kindness of a stranger giving my mom and I some White Chicken Chili, and a zoo of exotic animals released in the greater Columbus area in 2011, are just a few memeories that come rushing back. 

I love the regularity of horse shows and events like the Equine Affaire.  They act as a steady pillar to make memories with our horse people while stocking up on deep-belly laughs, our favorite concession foods, and gear that we’ll need throughout the year.

As show season approaches, or perhaps has already begun, the Ohio Equine Affaire gives its attenders the chance to shop from a variety of vendors, attend clinics, watch talented young riders battle for a spot in IEA Nationals and hang out with a bunch of other people who share similar interests!

We’ll be attending the Ohio Equine Affaire, April 11-14, 2019. Stop by the Back on Track USA booth for a member of our team to fit you for a Trauma Void helmet!

See you soon!

Check out the schedule for the Ohio Equine Affaire, April 11-14th.