The Showdown: EQ3 vs Lynx

The Showdown: Lynx™ vs EQ3™

What’s the difference? Trauma Void™ offers two different models of helmets.  At Trauma Void we wanted to give our customers the option between more than just color and finish, so we released the Lynx in 2019.  We know that choosing the best riding helmet can be a big decision, so we've highlighted a few key differences (and similairities below). 

The EQ3, which Trauma Void has offered since their launch in February of 2018, is a more shallow design that is sleek, trendy and classy all in one.  It comes in either a Microfiber or Smooth option in Black, Blue or Brown (see our Brown Closeout Sale).The EQ3 has six vents, two of which (I like to call the secret vents, which are of course, my favorite) are on the back of the harness and allow air flow where some of us (me) seem to get extra sweaty while in the saddle.  Because it’s a shallower design, the EQ3 is a lower-profile, hitting just above the ears and hairline.  The EQ3 has two different liners to help with the fit, both of which are easy to remove and can be handwashed.  The liner that comes inside the helmet is designed for us round-headed folks. The liner that comes in the little bag attached to the hang tags is more plush on the sides than in the front and back and helps the helmet to fit those with oval-shaped heads. The last major design difference is the visor or brim.  The EQ3 has a flexible brim which is covered in a leather-type finish on the smooth helmets and microfbier on the microfiber helmets.  

EQ3 Sizing Chart
Measurement (cm) 51.5-52.4cm 52.5-53.4cm 53.5-54.4cm 54.5-55.4cm 55.5-56.4cm 56.5-57.4cm 57.5-58.4cm 58.5-59.4cm 59.5-60.4cm
Size 53cm 54cm 55cm 56cm 57cm 58cm 59cm 60cm 61cm

The Lynx is a modern design featuring a deeper profile, fitting much lower on the head than the EQ3. The biggest difference in the helmet is the dial-fit system. While the riding helmet looks more round, the dial helps to fit a variety of shapes and sizes of noggins. The three vents combined with the removable CoolMax® liner, keep the head cool and comfortable. The Lynx has a multi-point harness which allows the rider to choose where they’d like the chinstrap to fit.  Speaking of fit, the Lynx comes in sizes Small, Medium, and Large. The visor or brim of the Lynx is breakaway.

Lynx Sizing Chart

Size Small Medium Large
cm 50-53cm 54-58cm 59-61cm

Both Trauma Void riding helmets are equipped with MIPS inside, which stands for Multi-Directional Impact Protection System. MIPS Brain Protection System is designed to reduce the risk transferred during rotational impact. Additionally, the Trauma Void Lynx and Trauma Void EQ3 are designed with safety in mind, their outer and inner shells are made from the same materials. All our helmets are ASTM/SEI certified.

What part of Team Trauma Void will you be on? The Lynx or EQ3?

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