Trauma Void at Kentucky 3-Day Event

There’s something about the Kentucky Horse Park that feels like opportunity and Springtime, am I right? I’ve been there in the summer months, April for the KYLR3DE and in the winter with a fresh coat of snow. Regardless of the temps, in my mind it’s always in the 60’s or 70’s and full of Spring blooms in Lexington. (A girl can dream, can’t she?)

As a young company, this year will be Trauma Void’s second year in attendance at the Kentucky Land Rover 3-Day Event, and we’re excited to the energy that comes with the crowd of the horse park.  They call it the best weekend all year, and it is a ton of fun! In 2018, we were showcasing the EQ3 to so many spectators for the first time and it was so exciting to measure all of their noggins and share with all of the reasons I love Trauma Void helmets. This year, we’ll be showing off another recent release that I’m still very excited about, so be sure to swing by the Back on Track USA booth for a member of our team to measure you.

A few weeks ago, we wrote about the Ohio Equine Affaire and the correlation between showgrounds, scents, foods, and memories.  I already shared with you that the horse park reminds me of Spring, but, I left out the part that it reminds me of running, nachos, and an unsurpassed level of anxiety when I realized how wrong of a decision it had been to eat an entire boat of nachos prior to running the Heads Up, Heels Down 5k.

You see, I was so excited about the helmets that I lost track of time and had forgotten to eat lunch when suddenly it was early evening and I hadn’t eaten a thing.  The mix of my naivety of running, losing track of time, hunger (let’s be honest it was hanger), and my “it’ll be fine” attitude, did not serve me well in this situation. It’s been a few years since college, but, my collegiate equestrian team will be the first to tell you that my attitude towards running hasn’t always ‘my thing’. Now, I knew that nachos probably weren’t the best to eat right before a run, but I really didn’t think it would be a huge deal.  After a few days rushing around on my feet, a terrible choice in lunch/dinner (linner, shall we call it?) I was miserable. The race started at a steady incline, and I thought my best strategy would be to start out at a speedier pace and just plow through the race…

Do I even need to tell you what happened next?

Okay, I might be dramatizing a bit, but, it’s a good story, right? The cramps that persisted in my calves, hips, stomach (obviously), made me consider how many Back on Track items I would need to purchase upon completion (maybe intermission?) of the race. 

All in all, I finished, and found new appreciation for Back on Track’s fit team of runner girls that encouraged me to try my first 5k.  While sadly there’s no 5k this year, I’ve found a new love (maybe still ‘like’) of running and still enjoy nachos…just in a more appropriate setting.


Stop by and see us and we’ll be happy to fit you for a new riding helmet and swap silly running stories!

See you in Lexington!

Here’s a schedule for the Kentucky Land Rover 3-Day Event.