Trick or Treat? Closeout Helmets | Trauma Void

We’re sad to be closing out our chocolate covered, I mean chocolate colored helmets but excited for more space! Below we’re talking about our microfiber and smooth-finished brown helmets.

The Brown Microfiber EQ3 has subtle golden pinstripes that sparkle in the sun, making it the perfect addition to your #ROOTD (riding outfit of the day). Suzie Halle, a USDF Bronze, Silver, and Gold Medalist and Grand Prix rider can often be spotted looking stunning in hers. Here’s what she had to say about it:

The Smooth Brown EQ3 has a rich, chocolate-y color that makes it both classy and fun and perfect for with a pair of brown boots or to match your breeches.

Both of the Brown EQ3 helmets have MIPS Brain Protection System, designed to reduce the risk of rotational impacts. They also have six vents, a removable and washable liner, are ASTM-SEI certified, and come with both a round and long-oval liner in the box.

In case you aren’t already picturing yourself walking into the barn with a brown helmet in one hand, a pumpkin-flavored hot beverage (or an apple cider) in the other.  Picture this: brown Trauma Void helmet in one hand, eighty dollars in the other. Yep, they’re on sale. Our helmets are normally $249 but the Brown Microfiber EQ3 and Brown Smooth EQ3 are on sale for just $169, while supplies last.

Scurry over to our Closeout Helmets for more information.

Offer valid while supplies last. Some restrictions may apply.