Brain Awareness Month | Trauma Void


March is Brain Awareness Month and to celebrate we asked the riders of Team Trauma Void to share with us the reasons they buckle up before every ride. These ladies do a fabulous job advocating helmet usage and representing our brand. We’re always inspired to hear from them and are humbled that we get the opportunity to work together to push the helmet industry forward. Read why Jordan Fellers, Anna Weniger, Catie Staszak, Tara Jones, and Augusta Lord believe in the importance of helmet usage and practice safe riding habits.

Is MIPS Worth It? | Trauma Void

For many years horseback riding helmets and their technology stood at a standstill, even though new colors, shapes, styles, and sizes were introduced to the market year after year. There was nothing driving the industry forward. As a result, Trauma Void was born. Determined to promote the highest standard of safety for equestrians we sold our first helmet in early 2018 pioneering the start of the MIPS movement in the United States.

What's My Head Shape?

Is your head round, oval, short, long, or somewhere in between? Just when you think that you have your helmet size figured out, another element of confusion is added to the mix: head shape.

Trauma Void offers a selection of helmets for a variety of head shapes, we wrote a blog to help break it down.

Our EQ3 riding helmet with MIPS has two different liners, both are included with each purchase of an EQ3. Our original liner, which comes inserted in each helmet is designed for round heads. Our oval liner is designed with additional padding on the sides to help accommodate a more oval head shape, and is conveniently included in a separate package inside the helmet box.

But, what does it mean to have a round or oval head and how do you tell? Is it the shape of your face, the shape of your crown, HELP!

What's Your Helmet Attitude?

Jessica Black, a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Oklahoma e-mailed us a few months ago looking for ways to incentivize riders to take her survey on rider’s attitudes towards helmets.

As a company that’s focused on designing new ways to protect riders, it was a ‘no brainer’ for us to donate gift certificates to the cause, especially if it meant that riders would be more likely to participate in the survey.  In this blog, we're highlighting Black's survey on rider's attitudes towards helmets, or helmet attitude...helmet-tude.