What's My Head Shape?

Is your head round, oval, short, long, or somewhere in between? Just when you think that you have your helmet size figured out, another element of confusion is added to the mix: head shape.

Trauma Void offers a selection of helmets for a variety of head shapes, we wrote a blog to help break it down.

Our EQ3 riding helmet with MIPS has two different liners, both are included with each purchase of an EQ3. Our original liner, which comes inserted in each helmet is designed for round heads. Our oval liner is designed with additional padding on the sides to help accommodate a more oval head shape, and is conveniently included in a separate package inside the helmet box.

But, what does it mean to have a round or oval head and how do you tell? Is it the shape of your face, the shape of your crown, HELP!

How Do I Know If My Helmet Fits? | Trauma Void

I got my new helmet…now how do I tell if it fits? It’s an age-old question that every helmet fitter gets, and we totally understand why. Your head is filled with precious cargo and it’s important to be sure that your helmet fits properly, so it can better do it’s job. While we’re always happy to look at mugshot like photos of you or your rider sporting their new Trauma Void, we know that for some, it might be easier to check out our new video.  Read more about it (and watch it) here!

A Guide to Measuring for a Helmet | Trauma Void

We just released a new series of videos on measuring for a Trauma Void helmet and how to tell if your new helmet fits. In this blog, you can watch our new sizing video and hear from an expert on our helmets! 


How to Measure for a Helmet

Have you ever tried to buy a shirt online and had no idea what size to buy? You’re normally one size, but there was that one review that said they run small and oh, the shirts are only available in unisex, so now you’re really unsure of which one to get and you need it by this weekend and you love everything else about it, but, it will be no use if it doesn’t fit.  Come on, friends, tell me that I’m not alone in this?

In my palm-sweating T-shirt scenario, I’m super glad that this shirt’s job is to clothe me and doesn’t play a huge role in protecting my precious thoughts and memories. At Trauma Void, we’re firm believers that the safest fit, is the best fit.

We’re working diligently to bring Trauma Void helmets to a tack store near you, but we also understand that isn’t always a possibility. In the days where online shopping is a norm, we wanted to be sure that our riders feel equipped with knowledge in their purchase, and so, we wrote a blog.