How to Measure for a Helmet

Have you ever tried to buy a shirt online and had no idea what size to buy? You’re normally one size, but there was that one review that said they run small and oh, the shirts are only available in unisex, so now you’re really unsure of which one to get and you need it by this weekend and you love everything else about it, but, it will be no use if it doesn’t fit.  Come on, friends, tell me that I’m not alone in this?

In my palm-sweating T-shirt scenario, I’m super glad that this shirt’s job is to clothe me and doesn’t play a huge role in protecting my precious thoughts and memories. At Trauma Void, we’re firm believers that the safest fit, is the best fit.

We’re working diligently to bring Trauma Void helmets to a tack store near you, but we also understand that isn’t always a possibility. In the days where online shopping is a norm, we wanted to be sure that our riders feel equipped with knowledge in their purchase, and so, we wrote a blog.