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NOTICE:  Due to inventory fluctuations and shortages, Trauma Void, LLC has terminated its Crash Replacement Program for all Trauma Void helmets.  While we continue to urge riders never to reuse a helmet that has been involved in a fall or has sustained any damage, we unfortunately cannot offer our previous discounted replacement program because of our current uncertainty of the availability of replacements as necessary. 

For customers who purchased helmets prior to January 1, 2021, Trauma Void will honor, either by replacement from available stock or by partial refund, the policy that was previously in effect: 50% off Manufacture’s List Price during 1st year of ownership and 25% off Manufacture’s List Price during the 2nd year of ownership.

We remind you that Trauma Void helmets are among the highest in equestrian helmet safety standards while remaining reasonably priced, and we expect that our customers will continue to enjoy the value of these helmets.  Ride safe and stay healthy!

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