EQ3 Microfiber Helmet

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Trauma Void™’s EQ3™ helmets marked the start of the helmet evolution in the United States. We incorporated MIPS Brain Protection System into our helmets, which has been used in industries like cycling, motocross, skiing and other helmets in the United States for many years. As pioneers of the MIPS movement in the riding helmet industry we paved the way for this new technology to change the way we look at safety.

Safety may be the main priority of Trauma Void’s EQ3 riding helmet with MIPS, but it has also been designed with comfort, style, and affordability in mind. This design features a removable and washable Coolmax® lining inside with great ventilation, and it is being offered in multiple colors.

  • ASTM-SEI certification
  • MIPS technology inside
  • Removable and washable Coolmax lining
  • Comes with two liners: one round and one long-oval
  • Comfortable design with great ventilation
  • Outer shell made with microfiber
  • Screen and chinstraps made of durable PU leather

For help in choosing the correct sized helmet, visit the sizing page of our website. Please view the care instructions for more information on how to care for your helmet.

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